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Want to master the art of public speaking, overcome stage fright and truly develop powerful vocals? Or are you looking to learn how to tell a great story on stage, engage your audience in a unique way and turn your passion for speaking into a professional career?

Build Your Confidence on Stage, is an online public speaking academy for anyone with an interest in harnessing their public speaking skills.

Whether you are stepping up for the very first time to deliver a talk, or looking to turn your passion for speaking into a lifestyle profession. Build Your Confidence on Stage has a course for you.

Build Your Confidence on Stage Book


Every aspiring speaker has one task: to master their communication and performance on stage. Through 14 years of experience and application, Sabirul Islam has crafted the brand Build Your Confidence on Stage – a four pillar learning journey providing you with the tools and techniques to improve your passion and make money while doing so.

In this book, Islam explains the four pillars of public speaking, aiming to instil aspiring speakers with the performance mindset; learning to control your content, your message and the manner of presentation which you require. The book covers The Speaker’s Psychology; The Principles of Public Speaking; The Performance Masterclass; and The Profession of a Public Speaker. These pillars will demonstrate how to overcome fear and anxiety, break general norms and stereotypes, analyse the pre, during and post-performance techniques, master the discipline and its practise before you begin to convert everything you’ve learnt into forming a lifestyle speaking career

Build Your Confidence on Stage

Build Your Confidence on Stage is for you if have an aspiration to improve your public speaking skills, whether it be for an upcoming event, a presentation at work or if you want to overcome your fear of public speaking and learn how to kick start a career as a professional speaker.

We also offer a Present with Confidence as an introductory course for FREE, teaching you the foundational elements of public speaking.

Are you are ready to enrol? We would be delighted to take you through the Build Your Confidence on Stage learning journey.

Hi, I’m Sabirul Islam, author & course creator at Build Your Confidence on Stage

"My journey as a speaker began with the courage to act upon a fear of being an introvert, as I found connecting with a wide circle of people to be a daunting experience. Building courage, confidence and my personality through speaking, transformed how I perceive myself today.

And now with over 13 years experience as a professional speaker, three times TEDx speaker and having delivered talks in front of over a million people in 31 countries. I am proud to share my knowledge with you through the courses I've developed here on Build Your Confidence on Stage and take you on a learning journey. To help you transform your public speaking skills, so that you too can learn how to kick start your career as a professional speaker."

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses free on Build Your Confidence on Stage?

The only free course we offer is the Present with Confidence course, which is an introductory public speaking course for those looking to learn the foundations of public speaking or improve existing skills for an up and coming event.

How do I enrol onto a course?

You will need to click on the Enrol Now button, and create an account with us. You can then select a course which you'd like to enrol onto. Once enrolled, you can start your learning journey.

When will the Build Your Confidence on Stage course be released?

The flagship Build Your Confidence on Stage course will launch on 17 December alongside the Build Your Confidence on Stage book. The flag course is the programme that allows you to learn how to turn your aspiration for public speaking into a lifestyle profession.

Can I book a coaching session with Sabirul?

Yes, once you are enrolled onto a course, all participants have the option of booking a coaching session as an addition to your learning journey on the selected course.